Leh Ladakh


 If you’re in Leh Ladakh, you can feel no less than being in heaven. Bounded by two of the mightiest mountain ranges of the world, the Great Himalayan Ranges and Karakoram, Leh Ladakh is mystical in all the spheres it coversA hotspot of history, religion, culture and adventure, Leh Ladakh woos everyone from the seekers of ancient mysticism to the most ardent adventure lovers. The unique characteristic of Leh Ladakh, which is a mix of Tibetan, Buddhism and Indian culture; will fascinate you in such a way that you will at least think once of cancelling your return tickets and staying there forever. So if you’re already dreaming of being in Leh Ladakh, Don’t! Rather, book Leh Ladakh Tour Packages with Sushant Travels that are one of the best service providers with cheap but quality tour packages.


Enjoying the sights of the vast expanse of hills and valleys in Leh Ladakh along with the thrilling experience of enduring the harsh climate is in itself a unique experience. According to some people, summers are the best time and according to some, winters are the best time to visit in Leh Ladakh. So truly, the best time to visit in Leh Ladakh totally depends on the motive of your Leh Ladakh tourism. In summers, the weather is very exciting and the snow melts by that time creating a buzz of activity with the vibrant and colorful Hemis festival taking place. While in winters, there is a different charm with sites all covered with snow offering the most breathtaking views. Overall, the best time to visit in Leh Ladakh is in the months from April to June as in winters, the cold weather sometimes becomes unbearable.,

LEH is a very charming state for tourism located in Heart of HIMALYAS. If you are planning to spend your holidays in LEH , then you should try our services. Grandura leisure is the best Tourist Services provider in India located in kolkata. We provide the incomparable Tour packages, at modest price. You can come to us, we will surely make your trip memorable. Grandura leisure is there with you in each step right from the beginning to make your LEH LADAKH tourism an unforgettable and memorable one.


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