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Goa, a small beautiful state on India’s West Coast is a former Portuguese Colony that has a rich history. Goa covers about 3,700 square kilometers area having a population of around 1.8 million inhabitants. Goa has a unique mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures and it attracts an estimated 2.5 million of tourists and travellers each year. Goa is quite different when compared to the other states of India. Goa is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime, so don’t miss the opportunity and grab huge discounts by booking Goa Tour Packages with us. Goa is home to Hindus as well as Roman Catholics in which around 65% of the inhabitants are Hindus and around 25% Christians. Muslims too prevail in Goa and despite so many religious groups, Goa is considered as one of the most peaceful states in India


There are majorly four seasons that prevail in this state. Many tourists visit the state in Winter Season as they consider it as the best time to visit Goa because most of the westerners find the famous Goan sun a tad too heavy-duty for their comfort in summers. Summer season prevails in the months from March to May. Goa tourism is a good idea in Summer because the mornings and evenings are long and pleasant but the afternoon temperature can go around 40 degrees Celsius. However, several party places and the best Goa beaches can be visited in the evening time. In October, the post-monsoon summer is witnessed when the temperature rises a lot and the scorching sun makes it uneasy to travel outside. Lastly, Winters prevail in November to February. Winters are considered as the best time to visit Goa as the weather in this season

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